Back from the tour

IMG_0265Hello everyone, so the whole Gattaca/Remek travelling circus made it safe back home.  Although we had to cancel the last 2 shows of the tour due to a complete breakdown of our van in Novi Sad, Serbia we are full of positive memories. It was again and amazing experience and we had the privilege of playing at some very nice places and meeting awesome people. We would like to to thank Broňa, Jirza & Bajkazyl crew in Brno, Ivan & Filip in Zagreb, Luka & Teja and INDE crew in Koper, Deki in Belgrade, Žule, Milica and INCEL crew in Banja Luka, Tejka and the whole big group in Skopje, Mitko, George, Angel in Sofia and especially Vuk & Alex in Novi Sad who enormously contributed to solving the broken van situation and actually made the last 2 days of our trip totally positive and full of fun despite the fact that we couldn’t continue the tour – our van and equipment was towed back to Czech rep. and we took a 15 hour train ride back home. We are just sad we couldn’t play shows in Budapest and Banska Bystrica as we were really looking towards these 2 dates (even with trains it couldn’t work). We hope we will be able to come back soon. Thank you everyone!

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